Thursday, December 18, 2008

resourceful kid

yesterday morning khary was watching "lazytown," a show i'm not allowed to interrupt, lest he miss his opportunity to copy one of sportacus' crazy-ass, death-defying moves. so that's when i come downstairs to the computer for a facebook fix, usually.

all is well and good until i hear the microwave open. and a plate being placed inside.

mind you, the kid is 3 and not yet 3.5 feet tall, so operating the microwave is not a regular or *permitted* activity.

i go upstairs and find that he has actually acted quite responsibly. his multi-step thought process was thus:
i'm hungry. open refrigerator, see 2 chicken nuggets left over from supper.
nuggets are cold, must be heated up. (grab bottle of ranch dressing.)
must be placed on plate.
must be heated in microwave.
must get stepstool to get plate and reach microwave.
stepstool is in the laundry room.
must remove child safety doorknob cover to get into laundry room.
get knife. pry doorknob cover apart.
procure stepstool, proceed to procurement of plate.
place nuggets on plate, open microwave door, place plate inside microwave.
tell mommy how proud you are that you could open the stepstool by yourself. (you know, cause THAT'S the trickiest part!?!)

he didn't make a mess at all, btw!

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