Saturday, December 20, 2008

cookie exchange madness

for those following on facebook, you know i've been working on peanut butter balls for a cookie exchange. success! and the cookie exchange was wunnerful.

a list of the fare:
dark chocolate truffles (dusted in cocoa).
rocky road, chocolate-peanut butter cookies, chocolate chunk cookies, and mini cupcakes.
cranberry and pistachio biscotti.
sablé snowflakes.
peanut-butter balls.
nut bread, gingerbread (thin), and chocolate pretzels.
chocolate chip cookies.
pumpkin cookies.
oatmeal raisin cookies.
chocolate crinkles.
chocolate chip cookies and the cookies dipped in crushed candy canes.

apparently someone brought an unexpected surprise: pukey germs!!! o_O it was an epidemic. and apparently not an isolated incident but part of a larger midwestern outbreak of pukiness. just glad we got ours out of the way right away. a lot of our friends got the next round & had pukey christmases. :(

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