Tuesday, September 30, 2008

arabic by khary

this month is ramadan, and we go to the masjid for iftar a couple times a week. (ramadan=month of fasting, masjid=place of worship, iftar=evening meal and prayer)

naturally, we're trying to teach the words to khary. he clams up and refuses to repeat them, though. out of nowhere saturday on our way to iftar, he proclaimed, "i'm going to mass." lmao. er, you mean mas-JID, but darnit if it wasn't adorable! (and more than a little scary to this catholic-raised mama!!)

later that evening, amidst a dinner conversation peppered with "if-then" statements, he blurted out IF...TAR. of course, they all adore him anyway, but this won him even more points, lol.

my name is khary barack obama awesome

if you ask khary his whole name, he will usually answer with "khary awesome," (he can't understand the "h" sound at the beginning, lol). but he occasionally enters the phone booth and emerges as "khary barack obama." damn, i love that boy!

totally lifted from a friend's blog, but i need to "hope" this baby up a bit.

but my fave is still this one

Monday, September 29, 2008

big boy!

we went to the doc today because i had a minor freakout, thinking khalil had an ear infection. (don't know why the hell i repeatedly think my boys have ear infections; neither has had any, ever. gah!) anyway, khalil now weighs 18lb, 6.4 oz !!! big boy. he's still right on the 75th percentile line for weight. um, seems long, but we didn't measure. guess i should do that, huh? :P for the record, he's officially 6 months in about 5 minutes or so.

and khary obsessed over measuring his height. somehow the thing only said he was 41" tall, but i think he was that tall almost 6 months ago, and i *know* he's bigger. nothing fits the boy! (we got some wonderful clothes from gram today, though--i'm certain we'll be wearing those size 5 jeans in no time flat. THANKS GRAM!!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

khary's first joke

Khary: "i played a trick on you last night, mommy."
Me: "really? what was it?"
Khary, laughing hysterically: "i said, 'you have a penis! you have a penis! you have a penis!'"

khalil almost crawls

from the looks of it, we're only days away from success!

he's been scooting for about a week or so, though. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

isn't camping supposed to be relaxing?!

well, apparently it was for dawud. not for me. i was hit by the mack truck that is ragweed and therefore had horrible, nausea-inducing sinus headaches all weekend. plus khalil was crabby because he was so hot and he may or may not be teething. at least khary had a blast...and we all had a modicum of fun. we were at wallace state park near cameron & we'll almost definitely go back. it's an hour away & ideal for a family w/ small kids. almost no partiers (even on labor day weekend!!) and even the other kids there were generous, helpful, and playful with khary. one girl even tried to teach him how to ride her 2-wheel bicycle. not surprisingly, his balance couldn't cut it, but he had a blast on his tricycle all weekend. :)

sadly, i didn't even bother to take any pictures. i must have really felt like crap!

as if i needed another web toy

i've been bitten by twitter. it's a sickness now. i don't update much yet, but i do obsessively refresh my feed. you know, because i don't spend enough time online as it is...