Monday, November 3, 2008

a great day to remember

yeah, yeah. it's been a while. whatev. today was a really fantabulous day, so i'm recording it here, lest i forget. :P (we did a lot)

earth scouts, where we went on a very short hike, gathering leaves for leaf rubbings. then we ate lunch @ the nature center, and khary played hide and seek with the other awesome homeschooled kids. (nevermind the crabby lady who told us not to let our kids run off like that. ugh. myob!)

came home, and khary still didn't want to nap, so we watched "word world" and just chilled for an hour.

went to the waldo bus terminal to meet some friends for a very short bus ride to brookside. walked to reading reptile, then to foo's fabulous frozen custard. bridget was nice enough to get us some custard. ;) i even found a couple of books at reading reptile that i may use for my black history unit in the homeschool co op. then caught the bus home.

played "the 1-2-3 game" with khary. he really does know his numbers (at least 1-5 anyway) and had fun. so much fun, we played "itsy bitsy spider" and then "sesame street bingo." all with NO tv! miraculous, i tell you! it was so fun.

we also say a blessing at every meal we eat together, especially supper:
blessings on this meal,
peace on the earth
and in our home
(and in our cars).

we're happy to be.
we're happy to be here.
we're happy to be here together.

very sweet.

just an absolutely gorgeous fall day and a really great day with my boys. (despite khalil and myself having an icky cold.)