Thursday, December 18, 2008

reality check re: santa

in a bedtime conversation tonight, khary and i were discussing what we were going to do in the morning (as usual). he said he wanted to make a "postcard" for santa, meaning he wanted to make a card to send. a red one, because he always wears red things. "oh, and i want to give him my old toys." "why?" "so he can give them to kids who don't have any & they'll be new to them." :::melt:::
damn, he's sweet! (ugh, i'm weeping now)

ALSO, he was talking about santa delivering all those toys and i asked if it might be that other people pretend and act like santa to give gifts instead. his reply? "that's not fun." AHA! "so it's more fun to talk about santa being real." "yeah." ah, mama sees now.

he also wants to leave santa a gift on christmas eve so he'll be surprised. i suggested milk and cookies, but he said he doesn't know yet, but it should be a better surprise than that. asked if he likes surprising people with gifts, he said it makes his tummy tickle when they're surprised and happy.

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