Tuesday, September 30, 2008

arabic by khary

this month is ramadan, and we go to the masjid for iftar a couple times a week. (ramadan=month of fasting, masjid=place of worship, iftar=evening meal and prayer)

naturally, we're trying to teach the words to khary. he clams up and refuses to repeat them, though. out of nowhere saturday on our way to iftar, he proclaimed, "i'm going to mass." lmao. er, you mean mas-JID, but darnit if it wasn't adorable! (and more than a little scary to this catholic-raised mama!!)

later that evening, amidst a dinner conversation peppered with "if-then" statements, he blurted out IF...TAR. of course, they all adore him anyway, but this won him even more points, lol.

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