Monday, September 29, 2008

big boy!

we went to the doc today because i had a minor freakout, thinking khalil had an ear infection. (don't know why the hell i repeatedly think my boys have ear infections; neither has had any, ever. gah!) anyway, khalil now weighs 18lb, 6.4 oz !!! big boy. he's still right on the 75th percentile line for weight. um, seems long, but we didn't measure. guess i should do that, huh? :P for the record, he's officially 6 months in about 5 minutes or so.

and khary obsessed over measuring his height. somehow the thing only said he was 41" tall, but i think he was that tall almost 6 months ago, and i *know* he's bigger. nothing fits the boy! (we got some wonderful clothes from gram today, though--i'm certain we'll be wearing those size 5 jeans in no time flat. THANKS GRAM!!)

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