Tuesday, September 2, 2008

isn't camping supposed to be relaxing?!

well, apparently it was for dawud. not for me. i was hit by the mack truck that is ragweed and therefore had horrible, nausea-inducing sinus headaches all weekend. plus khalil was crabby because he was so hot and he may or may not be teething. at least khary had a blast...and we all had a modicum of fun. we were at wallace state park near cameron & we'll almost definitely go back. it's an hour away & ideal for a family w/ small kids. almost no partiers (even on labor day weekend!!) and even the other kids there were generous, helpful, and playful with khary. one girl even tried to teach him how to ride her 2-wheel bicycle. not surprisingly, his balance couldn't cut it, but he had a blast on his tricycle all weekend. :)

sadly, i didn't even bother to take any pictures. i must have really felt like crap!

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