Sunday, August 3, 2008

to hospital, to hospital, & back again

new update:
they found bacteria in his blood sample, indicating he has sepsis. they asked us to come back to cmsuc tonight for another blood draw to double-check the results from last night's sample. since he had the iv abx last night plus the keflex we started today, plus his fever being not as high (close to 102 still, tho), they are comfortable waiting for the results, which will be tomorrow evening/night. of course if he gets worse, we bring him in immediately. greenwood's out of the office tomorrow, so i guess i'll be seeing him on tuesday instead (unless it gets worse before then). poor baby had another rough time getting stuck for the blood draw. i'm starting to get pissed that they didn't just admit him last night with what must be a kidney infection so all the testing and everything would be done already. i'm really really uncomfortable with the "wait and see" when the possibility that it's actually sepsis is 50% and we're just fucking wasting time. i mean, if it is sepsis, the bacteria colonizing his blood may even be resistant to cephalosporins/keflex, anyway, so shouldn't he at least be monitored in case he takes a bad turn?!

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  1. Oh my gosh. If you are uncomfortable with the wait and see, can you just camp out at the hospital and demand to be admitted? I hope it turns out not to be sepsis and that he gets better asap.