Saturday, August 2, 2008

worse than the sickies :(

went to children's mercy south urgent care this evening because khalil's temp spiked to 105.9 and didn't come down past 102.3 an hour after giving motrin. doc was worried b/c there was no obvious infection that would cause that high of a fever, so ordered blood tests and a urine cath. came back with HIGH white count and the urine showed an active infection despite being virtually clear, which apparently means the bacteria is going like gangbusters. had iv abx (rocephin) and start oral keflex tomorrow night.

getting the iv line was nightmarish, tho--had to do it twice. :'( surprisingly, the catheter wasn't that bad, though.

have to call greenwood monday first thing & arrange a renal ultrasound and tests for urinary reflux.

and to top it off...dawud said that khary puked tonight. yay.

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  1. How horrible - I hope everyone at your house gets better soon!