Monday, August 4, 2008

hey, a hospital-free night!

no news yet. i called them & the nurse i talked to asked the lab & they told her that they wouldn't have anything till tomorrow. i told her what the deal was, that it was supposed to be 24h, not 48, just to see if the blood cultured *anything*, but she couldn't help me.

BUT khalil appears worlds better now!! he and i took a loooong afternoon nap & when he woke from it he had zero fever & was cooing and energetic. has been like that all night. well, now i think he's having tummy upset from the abx, but i'll take that anyday over systemic infection!

we have an appt with greenwood tomorrow, at which i will hound him about kidney function tests at cmh.

thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers. i know we're not out of the woods yet, but i'm pretty certain we're on our way.

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