Tuesday, August 5, 2008

light at the end of the tunnel

children's mercy urgent care called back with the 36-hour test results of the 2nd blood culture...nothing is showing up at all so far. so the 1st culture was almost certainly contaminated. they also said the urine culture responded well to the abx we're using, so we don't need a different one.

khalil's been fever-free for about 36 hours now, and no tylenol for over 24h. yay!! he's a totally different baby--back to normal, thank goodness. he's sleeping a lot, but he's got a lot to heal yet.

dr greenwood scheduled his renal ultrasound and vcug test already; going to cms for those on aug 20. part of me hopes they come back negative, of course, but i kinda want the vcug to show a valve problem so we have an explanation and it can be easily fixed.

totally ot, but i also found out greenwood can do my plantar's wart excision AND my ingrown toenail fix himself in his office, no podiatrist needed. woot! hmm, forgot to ask about getting my own blood draw to follow up on the anemia and thyroid function tests, though. (see? now that i have it written out, i'll remember. :P )

8/23 update:
had the diagnostic tests wednesday--a renal ultrasound and vcug (another name for an evil test performed with a catheter). both came back normal--no physical abnormalities and no uretal reflux. both good and bad, as i said before. plus the poor guy got a horrible yeasty diaper rash after being on all those antibiotics. but it's better now, thank goodness.

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  1. What a relief! I'm so glad Khalil is feeling better. Cash had a renal ultrasound when he was a couple days old. The wand is cute because it looks just like the one they use when you're preggo but very tiny. I hope everything turns out okay with his tests. I'll keep sending healing vibes your way!