Friday, August 8, 2008

holy schmoly--i went running!!

i cannot even remember the last time i ran. well over a year ago, since a year ago i was pregnant. geez, no wonder i've felt cruddy--the thing i like to do for myself the most was something i felt prohibited from doing.

at the ppd chat tonight, the question was posed, "if you could do one thing TOTALLY ALONE and JUST FOR YOURSELF what would it be?" i didn't even have to think about it--running. so when i got home, i did just that. 1.4 miles in 29 minutes, which may have set a record for slowest run ever, but i did it, and i didn't stop once.

of course, now i have a headache and my calves are cramping like a mofo.... :P

also (i'm recording it here, see?) i had two mini-epiphanies at the chat. first, that i haven't had one on one playtime with just khary at all. i thought i had, but really, i wasn't playing with him, so that doesn't count. at all, as in 4+ months. :( and second, that i need to "fake it till i make it" when i'm having a bad day because he feeds of my energy and i get mad, and then we spiral out of control, me in a rage and him in a bundle of impotence and frustration. i think exercise and meditation would be great for getting me to that zen place...and running is both for me.

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