Thursday, July 31, 2008

pics i'm compelled to share

i have to put these out to someone in the ether...i haven't used them for my kcap avatar, but they're so damned cute, i can't resist.

okay, this one *is* my avatar right now, but it's too sweet:
does it get any sweeter??

when cheering a double play, khary felt moved to scream over and over, "BARACK OBAMA!!" still makes me laugh!
khary cheering the tbones

khalil's first swim...pretty much had this look on his face the whole time.
khalil's first swim

from the 4th of july trip, visiting granny

and a few seconds later

the obama mama, obama bubba, obama baby, and obama papa:

and the dirt monster (at daddy's softball games):
at daddy's softball game...

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  1. Those pictures are so cute, especially the first one! I can't believe how big Kahlil has gotten, wow.