Thursday, July 31, 2008

i get by with a little help from my friends

dawud's been gone since EARLY tuesday morning. it's now thursday night. kenna was supposed to spend the night with me during this time, but her grandmother got very ill & she needed to be with family. of course, that's appropriate, but omfg, i was NOT prepared to deal with both these boys by myself--alone! YIKES! tuesday was not pretty. we had peanut butter cookies for supper. my friend tresa came to hang out, but her kids had a meltdown an hour later. khalil went to sleep in the swing, khary was glazed over, half-asleep in front of the tube, so i got a much-needed shower & we all went to bed around midnight.

wednesday katje came over with linc. katje and her chopping sklz prepped my ratatouille that will be supper tomorrow while i made supper for us and the boys had their way with khary's room upstairs. (hmm, come to think of it, i still haven't seen the aftermath!) i was inspired & actually made a fantabulous mexican beans and rice dinner. i'll be making it again as soon as we get more chiles. tasty. after she and linc left, i actually managed to get khalil ready & asleep (or so i thought) in the swing so i could get khary a bath. as soon as i get the water in the tub, khalil wakes up screaming, so i'm running back and forth, being totally inefficient at both soothing the baby and bathing the 3yo. finally get it done, feeling like i'm having a breakdown & just want to bawl myself to sleep. but sleep we do & i got us all ready for bed. by myself. and i survived. only as i write this do i realize that i didn't brush khary's teeth at all during this time. eek.

this morning we managed to have real food for breakfast, real food for lunch, took a nap & were only 3 minutes late to gymnastics class. i EVEN returned play food to happybottomus AND that blasted yellow tumbler from almost two months ago to melinda. and then we went to abryana's house for playtime and supper--her yummy sesame noodles. when we got home, daddy was here & i got a break. ahhhh, friends make the world go round.

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