Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i hate february. and so far, march isn't any better.

i have a friend who, last year, nursed her household--but especially her then-wee toddler--through a miserable effing february. it included much much vomiting and diarrhea, and even a hospitalization with RSV. man, i remember thinking that i would go freaking batty if i had a whole month of utter CRAP to go through. and in the dead of winter, no less.

ah, how humbled i am.

you may have noticed that i *just now* published the blog post i intended to share on FEBRUARY 2nd. yes, that's right. more than a month late. why, you may ask, perhaps not knowing the utter laundry list of CRAP with which i will answer? i will tell you. don't take this as whining or complaints. just observations that my february 2010 sucked donkey balls. and so far, march ain't letting up. FML (okay, not really. i love my life. but the circumstances of the past 6 weeks have seriously effing sucked.)

thursday, february 4: i have severe abdominal pain. thinking my gall bladder may soon rupture, i go to the emergency room (after dawud gets home early from work, of course, as we are sharing a car at this point because his mom is borrowing our van). he literally drops me off, then takes the boys to costco, then a friend's house for babysitting. i don't see him again for hours. anyway, after a very quick palpation, doc says it's definitely not my gall bladder, but worst case scenario--i'll need my appendix removed. O_O i throw up PROFUSELY and get some more meds for that. so i get an abdominal ct scan to help with the diagnosis, and then i get rushed to surgery prep. by this time, dawud is finally back by my side. but i'm drugged to the gills, and remember protesting to my surgeon (while we waited for some poor woman to get cut open to get her baby) that i couldn't have the appendix to take home. "it's mine," i say. "we don't do that anymore," she replies. bummer.

i get back home the next day, totally doped up. because ABDOMINAL SURGERY HURTS LIKE A BITCH! i don't care if it's laproscopic. when your innards get scrambled, that shit hurts. i am doped to the gills, get insanely bored sitting on my drugged duff on the computer because i can't hold a thought in my head, and decide i'd rather sit, doped up, at a friend's house for their superbowl party. little did i know...

about 5 days later, khary comes down with a RAGING fever, sleeps nearly 2 days straight, gets taken to the doc by daddy to find out he has h1n1. yay, swine flu is in da hizzy. or something like that. sick.as.a.dog, poor guy. then khalil's turn about 5 days after that, somewhat overlapping with dawud's version of the flu, as well. i think i had it, but again, what with the doped up-ness and scrambled guts, i was feeling pretty crummy anyway.

ah, so i think there's light at the end of the tunnel during the last week of february. i even made it to a wine club meeting.

turns out that light at the end of the tunnel? the ever-so-cliche other train barreling towards me. khalil starts puking saturday. pukes sunday. practically all better today. which sucks. why would that suck? because khary woke up puking this morning. and then i get hit late this afternoon. only it's hitting me a zillion times worse for some reason. maybe i just took a freakishly long time to incubate h1n1 (okay, while that's in the realm of what is biologically possible, it ain't anywhere near likely). but i feel like i have the flu. my clothes hurt my skin, i have next to zero energy, and standing/walking is an herculean effort. the only reason i'm up right now is because i took a 3-hr nap after my first round of nausea this afternoon. well, that and i feel nauseous again & am afraid to lie down to sleep.

fun times.

did i mention we're supposed to leave for florida (DRIVING, no less) friday? dawud has been a taskmaster and we have a lot of things packed and planned, but i was supposed to do a little packing today and cook snacks and goodies for the trip over the next couple days. it'll work out, though. somehow.

and the beach? yeah, high of 64, then another beach--high of 72, then another--high of 81. not sure we'll be doing much swimming. but sand and camping and kennedy space center and alligators and coral reefs might soothe that pain. not as much as seeing a shuttle launch would, but since that was postponed until april, it'll have to do.

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