Monday, January 25, 2010

this and that

Here are a few glimpses into that which  we've been keeping ourselves occupied these past couple days. Without cable, we really DO find more time in our days for productive things!

Khary used the Handwriting Without Tears letter-building blocks to write his name Sunday afternoon

He also decided to create a rocket ship out of random craft supplies. (Note the solid rocket boosters, which "fall back to earth when they're used up so they can be recycled," as Khary always points out.)

This evening, he decided to use his scale to see how heavy a Matchbox firetruck was. When he found out it didn't take much water to balance it, he switched to big wooden blocks so he could use more water. I LOVE this scale!)


 Khalil, just being a goof. He's got a snotty cold, so his poor little nose is all red. During his second wind tonight, he decided it was perfectly appropriate to sit inside a wine box and play his piano.

...and we started making the pinecone bird feeders we've been planning for a month now, but that's for another blog post. I'm making it into part of our whole winter celebration, so I'll prattle on about that when we're finished. ...stay tuned...

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