Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ice Terrace-Khary's First Time

i took khary to the crown center ice terrace this afternoon. it was his first time skating and MY first time in at least 15 years. surprisingly, the only time *i* fell was when he pulled me down (for fun). not surprisingly, khary had as much fun lying down on the ice and scooting on his hands and knees as he did skating.

and boy can that kid skate! with his newly blackened eye (no idea where it came from, but i suspect a pretend rescue from his bunk bed) and helmet, he TOTALLY looked like a hockey player.

my favorite part of the afternoon, though, was when he was finished & sat down. i wanted to take a couple more laps, and he cheered for me as i skated around and around, lol! "go mommy! yay, mommy, yeah! wooooo!" :)

ps-all photos are from my palm, so they're kinda small, which is a good thing, given that they're only 2mb, i think. ;)


  1. Great pix! And I'm glad you're posting to your blog again!

    xoxo, K

  2. i added the gmail/google widget for blogger & it makes it soo much easier. :)

  3. ...or would that be the blogger gadget for gmail? whatevs. it stares me in the face almost every time i check my email, so i am kindly reminded to yap about our goings-on.