Saturday, September 19, 2009

mutton busting

we were supposed to drive to my hometown last night for a family reunion that is taking place today, as it does every year at my favorite time of year. unfortunately, i couldn't stomach the thought of driving 5 hours each way for a visit less than 36 hours and no place to take the dog, to boot. anyway, since i had the day off already, we took advantage of the oak grove youth rodeo mutton busting clinic.

go look up mutton busting. i'll wait.



okay, now that you know what it is, picture khary atop one of those big ole sheep. cute picture, huh? now blink. that's about how long he stayed on the first time. he landed on his side, scraping his ribs up a little. and he cried. and i missed the whole thing because our other friend's son was riding at the time & had a great ride. they're not supposed to let 2 sheep go at once, so i didn't expect my bubba to come out of the chute so soon. :( he said he didn't want to do it anymore, but we'd paid for 3 attempts, so we hung out and discussed how he could wear a glove, borrow a rodeo vest and some knee & elbow pads. (he was already wearing his bike helmet, per recommendation.) he said he'd go if daddy could go next to him and make sure he didn't fall so hard. yay. so he went. and i got a video. it's very short, too. and daddy was slow, and it looks in the video like he pulled khary off the sheep, but khary was already falling. really. but he fell on his back and got scraped up some more.

he says he never wants to ride sheep again. good deal--agreed. we'll see if he says the same thing next weekend when he has the opportunity to ride again at the mahaffie farmstead festival.

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