Wednesday, January 28, 2009

wise beyond his years

it struck me a couple times today just how very wise khary is becoming. first, he told me it's better to get ice in his cup first, then the water, so that the ice doesn't splash the water out and make a mess. granted, dawud and i have probably told him as much, but he totally understood and was actually reasoning through it. :)

second, i'm lying in bed with him and khalil this afternoon--settling down for naptime--and he asks me to stop singing the lullaby i sing every day so he can practice putting himself to sleep. O_o and he proceeded to do just that, whispering "chicka chicka boom boom" to himself for a while until he drifted off.

meanwhile, khalil is almost toothed. almost. almost is a bitch. almost means near-constant screaming, demanding to be held at all times (if not nursing), only sleeping for about 15 minute stretches, and generally being a drain on an already-sick mommy. little dude hurts a lot, but BOY is he going to be even cuter with teeth, if you can believe it.

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