Tuesday, January 6, 2009

an interesting day...or not. i liked it, anyway

we started khary's occupational therapy today at children's mercy. it went well, despite us being late (and *that* despite us getting up before 6:30 for an 8am appt). during khary's session, khalil got a little restless, so i put him into the ball pit, into which he sank with every move as if in quicksand. here's a shot of him freaking out and begging to get out of the pit, lol:

(i'm really not a mean, terrible mommy. i just do psychological experiments with my infant.) :P

and today began "explore the city tuesdays" for my boys and me. we (i) have decided to do something cool every tuesday after ot since we've gotten up and about early and all. today we went to crown center, then via skywalk to union station, where we shared a huge, diabetic-coma-inducing cinnamon roll. now i *really* can't wait for the weather to be nice! i've got plans, you know.

after eating half of our respective grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and nap, we had the 2nd halves of our lunches. i noticed dozer freaking out a bit more than usual, so i peeked out the window to the porch:

that right there is a squirrel who's been visiting us lately gorging himself on the pecans i left out on the porch on sunday. (why did it take him so long to find them???) i had a couple handfuls of leftover pecans that my aunt had given me over the holidays. i made some yummy candied pecans and dawud made a pecan pie, which he tells me is fabulous, but i'll take his word for it.

...and soon i get to go taste and buy some wine!!!!

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