Monday, December 22, 2008

khalil's amazing hands (now with video)

he's clapping all the time & soo tickled by it.

he also clapped/brought his hands together on his own when we showed him the sign for "more"! he'd take a bite, look at us, clap, look at us again, then lunge at the food for another bite.

also, i've noticed that when we're all done with something & i make the sign (the one where you brush your hands together as "all done"), he claps and says "dah". now, he says "dah" a lot, but he consistently puts them together.

crazy kid. he's amazing.

he also cruised for the first time yesterday, rather than dropping to his bottom and crawling for something he wanted.

he also learned how to high five yesterday. i have some CUTE video of him and daddy high-fiving.

finally uploaded and formatted the video:

khary's hands aren't bad, either. ;)

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