Tuesday, August 19, 2008

mama needs a weekend, too!

blech, so dawud worked a couple hours both days this weekend. he was working from home, so i had to keep the boys away, meaning *i* worked all weekend, too. saturday was wonderful: a fingerpainting dance party in gorgeous weather at a friend's house nearby, then a family bday party for dawud's uncle murad. but sunday sucked donkey balls. 4 1/2 hours with cranky khalil and waaaay grumpy khary. when i got home, dawud was sleeping, the house was still wrecked, and i was less than happy. house is now presentable, but it's gonna take days to get enough laundry done so i have something decent to wear. grrr. apparently i'm still not over it.

hallalah saves the day by removing the flaming meat & suffers only singed arm hair in the process

i did, however, shave for the first time in about 3 1/2 months tonight, thanks to the razor and refill freebies dawud got for me at the race for the cure. it was work, boy! :lol: we'll see if i keep it up. i'm just conflicted about shaving and makeup and such. as a feminist, it seems ridiculous to adhere to unrealistic standards of beauty. but i like having clean-shaven legs and underarms, darnit! and occasionally like to wear makeup. and it'd be nice if i could drop about 55 lbs right now, while i'm at it. ;)

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